PanoKina 2008

3 October 2004, 14:26 genre:    by mickael

the French hall at PanoKina 2008

As I was getting lost and dizzy at the PhotoKina I had a vision, can you see like me 12 panographers in the future ?

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PanoKina 2008

This is a panojoke for my fellow and friend panoramists on the french list. 12 links are in there 11 of which to other fine panorama related places, I couldn’t fit everyone in there and I’m sorry for that. But for the ones that I could fit and also the others missing, this is a thanks to you for all you bring to the vr community.

For those that asked me about hotspots, they are activated for this once, find the links and don’t cheat unless you have to, 12 links are in there for you to find…