lancelot's castle

3 August 2004, 16:54 genre:    by mickael

It wasn’t always easy to bring these home, 1 of 2 cf cards died on the second day (thanks to Lexar design, I do recommend you use Kingston) sand got into the camera on the third, and my baby girl Margot fell sick on the 5th. It’s not always easy to combine the life of a panographer with family life. (And it certainly was worse for my family to cope with me during these holidays).

De retour d’Angleterre, ça n’a pas toujours été facile de ramener les images, 1 des 2 compact flash est morte le second jour, le sable a trouvé son chemin dans l’appareil le troisième jour et Margot est tombée malade le cinquième. Pas toujours facile de combiner la vie de panoramiste avec la vie de famille. (Et c‘était certainement encore pire pour ma famille de composer avec moi et mes errances).


Bamburgh Castle

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bamburgh castle

Bamburgh castle seen from the beautiful dunes of Northumbria, supposedly this was Lancelot’s castle of Joyous Garde. The fisheye lens doesn’t do it justice, and the sitching in the wild is far from being easy.

“Bamburgh castle”: vu depuis les belles dunes du Northumbria, c’est ici qu’aurait vécu Lancelot de la Joyeuse Garde. L’objectif fisheye ne fait pas honneur au château et les raccords dans les oyats balayés par le vent ne sont pas faciles.


Bamburgh beach

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bamburgh beach

The ever-waiting-for-me family on the beach, luckily there is sand to play with this time.

La famille-qui-m’attend-tout-le-temps. Pour cette fois ça va, ce n‘était pas trop long et puis il y a du sable.


  1. Thanks, these are great. QTVR’s transport my eye’s! I really enjoyed Bamburgh beach.
    Cody Lindley    Aug 4, 10:09 AM    #

  2. Cool pictures (panographs) but it is still a strange idea to go to England for your holidays – the land of Beckyobs, weak beer, etc.

    As we say in Scotland, I’ll have to show you either the high or the low road but either way you’ll get to Loch Lomond next time – then you can really capture some fantastic scenes – or how about the Edinburgh festival in August – you will panograph everything in sight….
    — Alasdair (The Man from Uncle)    Aug 16, 05:15 PM    #

  3. Al, we would never have dared coming so close to your homeland without paying our homage, so we did take the 4 hour drive across the borders to finally get lost in “Edinbragh” and land in the zoo … vr possibly posted at a later time. But I'll take on the offer for both roads next time to Loch Lomond!
    — mickael    Aug 16, 05:34 PM    #