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5 February 2005, 15:28 genre:    by mickael

le collectif d’art urbain à  Bruxelles accueille l’Atlas

rencontré ce mois de janvier Jules (aka l’Atlas), artiste, collectif, actif d’une génération que je connais peu. Ce que Jules fait est bien. Ici avec Sunset, Pablow et Tanc.

A une époque on tagait dans des maisons squattées, ça se terminait souvent mal. Ce qui était trash est devenu de l’art et le squat est maintenant une galerie subsidiée … c’est nouveau pour moi.

qtvr size    [FULLSCREEN]   latlas

Met this January: Jules (aka l’Atlas): artist, collective, active of a generation little known to me. What he does is good. Here with Sunset, Pablow and Tanc.

There was a time when we used to tag and squat abandoned houses, often it would end in pain. What was once trash is now art and the squat is now a granted gallery. Where was I when that happened ?

qtvr size    [FULLSCREEN]   latlas


  1. Another great example of your approach to the panoramic photography – community oriented and aiming on the building connections between various cultural aspects of being.
    — 1drey    Feb 8, 05:19 AM    #

  2. Hi !

    Great QTVR here !!!!!!
    Bravo and Thanx !!

    SUNSET    Feb 10, 04:45 AM    #

  3. Il est bien ce QTVR!!
    Very good work!!
    Keep going SUN7!

    Jerome    Feb 11, 03:37 AM    #

  4. punkypow is siiiiiiiiick!!!
    I really felt like a was in that room.
    bullethole    Feb 14, 06:57 PM    #

  5. The expo was great! And u guys had a quite good party in Bxl afterwards as I could see on the tags! : ) Hope 2 see u soon again in Bxl! Thanx 4 putting my stickers on this website! Greetz
    — codex    Feb 16, 02:43 AM    #

  6. looks a bit like
    still good looking though
    — raw    Feb 17, 03:51 AM    #