apples and a carrot

4 October 2004, 16:46 genre:    by mickael

Autumn is here and the apples in the garden are almost ripe, it’s time to gather the best fruits with Margot. She knows carrots already, and found one of the many lost ones.

a carrot

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2 apples

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For the technically inclined, apart from the fun of cloning Margot which was easy, this is my second attempt at using Stitcher to assemble panos shot with a 10.5 mm, so this is very much work in progress while analyzing this new piece of software.

As a side test this also is a first practice at software bracketing the exposure. The top ‘carrot’ pano was shot 1.5 stops lower than the ’2 apples’ pano, using Nikon capture’s DEE filter and ev compensation to retrieve details in the shadows while preserving some highlights. Hat tip to Laurent for sharing both techniques.