apples and a carrot

4 October 2004, 16:46 genre:    by mickael

Autumn is here and the apples in the garden are almost ripe, it’s time to gather the best fruits with Margot. She knows carrots already, and found one of the many lost ones.

a carrot

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2 apples

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For the technically inclined, apart from the fun of cloning Margot which was easy, this is my second attempt at using Stitcher to assemble panos shot with a 10.5 mm, so this is very much work in progress while analyzing this new piece of software.

As a side test this also is a first practice at software bracketing the exposure. The top ‘carrot’ pano was shot 1.5 stops lower than the ’2 apples’ pano, using Nikon capture’s DEE filter and ev compensation to retrieve details in the shadows while preserving some highlights. Hat tip to Laurent for sharing both techniques.


  1. Hi there,

    I’m really pleased by the quality of the pictures, really amazing!

    Thanks Mickael and keep up the good work!
    — Jean-Philippe    Oct 5, 06:33 PM    #

  2. hi! Margot is really cute and i crick the photo then new window opened! it made me so surprized, but it is really really really really nice! “M”
    mayuppe    Oct 9, 01:31 PM    #

  3. Belle descendance
    Cela fait tellement longtemps que je t'imagine avec une barbe, des lunettes et un appareil accoustique. Je ne vois toutefois pas Michelle vieillir… Gros bisous à  toute la famille. Anne et Jean-Claude.
    — Jean-Claude Bernard    Feb 6, 02:37 PM    #

  4. Twins hum…...
    — Pascale    Mar 18, 01:57 PM    #

  5. Super duper panos. I enjoy watching all of them. What a wonderful blog you put together. Most inspiring! Living in Brussels myself, i hope to meet you sometimes.

    Jean-Pierre van der Lande
    — Jean-Pierre    Mar 22, 11:36 AM    #

  6. Salut Margot,
    je me suis enfin décidé à aller voir ce que fait M. quand il est vissé devant son écran …. et maintenant c’est moi qui suis vissé

    — Olivier    May 2, 03:17 PM    #