the boys choir

29 August 2004, 09:47 genre:    by mickael

York minster organ

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York minster


York minster boys choir

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York minster

These were the most difficult stitches I have had in a long time.
None of the shots was leveled and in a cathedral you can’t do without perfect leveling. The first results had a wavy horizon and rubber pillars. I swear I will never shoot again handheld in a cathedral. I finally managed to restore most of the geometrics, and were it not for the soundtrack of the young boys choir, I probably would not have posted these, but the sound there was so unexpected and adequate I thought I’d bring these to life anyway.


  1. Very fine, it’s important to feel the atmosphere, so the stitches don’t have to be perfect. With people and the soundtrack it’s a real “live” picture.
    Thomas    Aug 30, 08:59 AM    #

  2. Wow! Another award winner—great work—and great view!
    bob    Aug 30, 11:50 AM    #

  3. This are absolutely wonderful! I was too caught up in the grandeur and beauty of the scene to even notice any small issues with the stitching. Stunning! :)
    Charlie    Aug 30, 10:43 PM    #

  4. Superb, as always. You’ve either done an amazing job in completely rectifying the stitching errors, or they are very minor; I certainly didn’t notice any.

    I can’t believe this was created in a ‘hand held’ fashion. I’ve always assumed that the combination of images would have to be exactly right, in respect of angle, direction etc. I’m even more perplexed as to how you achieve these stunning images now!
    Martin    Sep 3, 11:46 AM    #

  5. WOWWWWW these are such cool pictures. I love them.
    koozeh    Sep 5, 11:22 PM    #

  6. You continue to impress and in addition separate yourself form the normal everyday blog. Thanks for the QTVR’s!

    Cody Lindley    Sep 13, 12:06 AM    #

  7. Mickael, I love your work. . . it’s as though I’m right there standing beside you.
    myla    Sep 16, 01:22 AM    #

  8. From mid-coast Maine, thank you for sharing your awesome photos and the spectacular viewing opportunity you offer. What you give is a gift which is unselfish and most generous. . . .I learned of your site through my daughter in Grand Rapids, MI.
    — Suz    Sep 16, 09:50 PM    #

  9. Thanks so much for these QTVR pictures of York Minster. It brings back vivid memories of visits to this awesome place.
    — John    Oct 24, 07:46 AM    #

  10. Incredible shot!Very atmospheric.
    — colin attwood    Sep 13, 02:02 AM    #