holiday ending

14 September 2004, 22:15 genre:    by mickael

The England vr serie is closing to an end, some shots were discarded at first for various reasons, usually a problem with the changing light conditions making it difficult to stitch or the photo that was just not what I expected it to be. On second thought I decided some could nevertheless come up here. As I change my mind, so will this page as I resurrect more panos.

Hills of Bellingham

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it’s hard to believe this shot was taken just a few hundred yards away from this serie. Hareshaw linn is in a crack in the hills just opposite of the tree line, but you wouldn’t see it unless you touched it.


  1. Sooo cool! Love the shots, not only is it an amazing technology the shots them self are awesome.
    Gregz    Sep 15, 03:19 PM    #

  2. i like this photo,’coz i like sky landscape. yeah, i wanna go this place right now and be relax. this site is so peaceful.
    mayuppe    Sep 16, 06:44 AM    #

  3. cool!!!!! like this photo so much. wanna go there right now to be relax. so beautiful
    mayuppe    Sep 16, 06:48 AM    #

  4. Where are the sheeps, I can hear them – but I can’t see them… 8-)
    Thomas    Sep 21, 09:24 AM    #

  5. Vous avez un site très intéressant – les panoramas sont excellents!
    alessandra    Sep 21, 02:31 PM    #

  6. Thomas,
    I forgot to clarify that point in the caption, Northumberland sheep seem to be phobic of Manfrottos, as soon as I packed the material and sat down to rest, they returned that’s what you get to hear.
    — mickael    Sep 21, 03:29 PM    #

  7. Now that I can fully appreciate the surround effect I only miss the sound (my current config). On a side note, a strange feeling is that when I’m looking down I reach the stone and wonder what happened to the photographer’s feet? Eaten alive by the sheep? :-D
    — Jean-Philippe    Oct 10, 02:54 PM    #

  8. that’s for me to know, and for you to find out when you try it ;)
    mickael    Oct 10, 04:09 PM    #

  9. Votre site est absolument époustouflant. Bravo, c’est du très beau travail !
    — amaël    Jan 29, 02:10 PM    #