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13 August 2004, 06:16 genre:    by mickael

Thornwick bay

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Thornwick Bay

Thornwick bay is one in many small beach landings hidden between the white cliffs around Flamborough. The sea is cold, but kids don’t mind, it is peaceful and the whole beach is ours for the day.


North landing

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North landing

Another pebble beach where the Danes landed 12 hundred years ago. Thousands of birds nest in the 400 ft tall cliffs over here. But kids prefer crabs. so you’ll hear the water, not the birds.


  1. Really nice VRs!! This is a very interesting spin on the ole photoblog! :)
    Charlie    Aug 13, 10:09 AM    #

  2. wow..that looks like a lot of fun..very relaxing. wish i was there right now.
    i love the first picture.
    tanner    Aug 13, 05:21 PM    #

  3. I love these—I’m huge fan of pans—I can’t do them, but I really appreciate those who can! You’ve done an OUTSTANDING job… really nice…
    bob    Aug 14, 12:35 PM    #

  4. holy cow! these are stunning. well done man.
    matto    Aug 15, 12:17 AM    #

  5. just gorgeous! your efforts have paid off in spades, these are wonderful! the compositions and balanced exposures defy reason.

    i’ve just had the luxury of viewing them spanned across two 1600×1200 displays for a total horizontal resolution of 3200 pixels! cool!
    matto    Aug 15, 07:49 AM    #

  6. Wow incredible idea. I love the addition of sound, really brings the experience to life. You’ve inspired me to make more panoramics like this :)
    Pete    Aug 15, 05:01 PM    #

  7. wow, amazing site! i want to be there right now, with the waves gently splashing up and the sun streaming down…beautiful…
    steven    Aug 16, 04:25 PM    #

  8. I only came accross this concept a month or so ago but these certainly rank amongst the best I’ve seen. Simply beautiful.
    Martin    Aug 17, 09:13 PM    #

  9. its a great place for people of all ages and I should no I’v been going there since I was about 1 and I still love it
    — anna    Jun 16, 06:26 AM    #