the piano lesson

21 April 2004, 20:40 genre:    by mickael

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piano lesson

Adèle’s piano lesson with Nathalie.
This pano has a few very visible seams, that went unnoticed at the time of publication. I was meant to be a test only, but the picture is nice so there it is, not really finished…

Adèle et Nathalie, leçon de piano.
Ce pano a quelques raccords très visibles, que je n’avais pas remarqués. c’était censé n’être qu’un test au départ, mais la photo est belle même si elle n’est pas terminée


  1. This QTVR stuff is cool. I’ve never really paid attention to what you can do with it but it’s reall neat! Cool shot.
    zara    Jul 10, 02:41 PM    #