good city of barcelona

20 June 2004, 06:25 genre:    by mickael

sick as a dog, I could not find the energy to drive to a Unesco site for the WWP shooting of this equinox. Too bad I’ll just sit and sweat and stitch these from barcelona instead …


Plaça Reial

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Plaça Real Barcelona

The world famous Plaça Reial near las ramblas, sit down at the fountain and refresh yourself, in your back is a great tapas bar.


Sagrada Familia

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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

i still need to ‘fix’ this one


Parque Guëll

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Parque Guëll

edit 26 June: good news, just received an email from Landis asking me to submit this QTVR for the WWP of this June equinox even though it was not shot exactly on the required dates. These guys make me happy. Thank you Landis and Don.


Streets of Barcelona

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street walking in the old town


dogs at the Casa Milá

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French dogs at Casa Mila

I’m not particularly fond of dogs but I have a tolerance for them, it’s the human on the other side of the leash that usually gives me the creeps. As I was coming out after visiting Gaudi’s Casa Milá, i notice this pack of dogs across the street. I walk over thinking i might make a spin. Closing on to these people I can hear they are French and understand they are discussing (and complaining) about why again they wouldn’t be allowed to visit Casa Mila with their “babies” (that’s usually the word that starts my crispation) and “it’s really not worth it if the doggies can’t come along“. Now look closely: there is on average 2-3 dogs per person and these are not Yorkshires you can stuff in your backpack, we are talking big dogs here and these are obviously not fed with nerve sedatives.

As I am shooting, I feel something warm on my right leg and hardly notice a dog leaning on me. Turns out the dog had pissed on my foot (probably a side effect from using a monopod)… The mama of the secreting animal just stood there smiling at me indulging on her innocent child… the compact flash was full, i couldn’t add this memorable face to the scene. Couldn’t resolve myself to kick the dog or piss on the mama.
Oh and there was no way they would let me have a spin inside the casa milá so enjoy the frontage, just like the dogs did.


candy shop in the Mercado de la Boqueri­a near the Ramblas

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Bonbones en las Ramblas

no matter how fast you are in action shooting, from one shot to the next the whole crowd has moved and the scenery changed, hence the cloned characters.


mariscos and olives in the Mercado de la Boqueri­a

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Mariscos en las Ramblas

another exercice in a moving crowd, this time I managed to have no cloned characters in the scene, things are coming along …


  1. wow. I really love these. The expressions on the faces of the people you capture are just great. The “Parque Guëll” is just great. I love how you are in effect taking pictures of people posing and taking pictures. Very cool.

    The color in the market ones is nice and vivid as wel. I love the candy (?). I can’t even imagine how you do this seeing as I’m sure everyone is moving quickly. You must have a lightning speed trigger finger.
    zara    Jul 10, 02:48 PM    #

  2. it’s a wonderful city! so happy I had a chance to visit it!!! still, my emmotoions are controversial, cause being a tourist, I was seriously robbed there(

    Mhunter    May 7, 01:28 PM    #

  3. Congratulations! You are a very good and curious photographer. Keep on your excellent work.

    Elio Araque    Dec 25, 07:26 PM    #