leisure world 1 - predator

20 October 2004, 03:33 genre:    by mickael

Here’s the first in a series of two from Yorkshire: the English on holidays at home, at the Bridlington permanent fair: the leisure world.

Play loud to get the feel of what it’s like to be there (QT6 needed) and don’t forget your 2 tokens for the ride, at 360days we take no cash.

Bridlington leisure world 1

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leisure world


  1. Nice scene – I like the grandma with the blue jacket!
    Thomas    Oct 21, 01:35 PM    #

  2. i love this… makes u feel like u are there and all.. 360 degrees is such a wonderful wonderful idea. how smart of u to do this. i hv no idea how.
    jen    Oct 22, 06:15 AM    #

  3. I caught the easter egg in this panorama.
    Jeff    Oct 29, 06:00 PM    #