3 kids drowning

2 October 2005, 02:42 genre:    by mickael

sikorsky sea rescue – sauvetage en mer

The rumour is spreading like the wind on the beach: 3 kids are missing and have been reported drowning just 60 meters away from the shore. The day before a 12 y.o. was found dead by the wave-breakers just a few miles down. The sea is deserted in minutes as the Sikorskys fly in to drop the army scuba-divers. Parents count their kids, we are all holding our breath, Adèle and her cousin Annabel are petrified.

La rumeur s’amplifie: 3 gosses manquent à  l’appel et se seraient noyés ici à  60 mètres de la côte. Il ya quelques jours un autre gosse a été retrouvé mort dans les brises-lames pas très loin. La mer est désertée en quelques minutes et les Sikorskys de l’armée lancent leurs plongeurs. Les parents comptent leurs enfants, on retient son souffle, Adèle et Annabel sont pétrifiées.

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st idesbald

A couple hours later, it turned out to be a bad joke from bored kids.

Après quelques heures d’attente, on apprendra que ce n‘était qu’un fantasme d’enfants en mal d‘émotion.


  1. Just curious… Would you have posted this (very emotionally engaging) panorama if it weren’t a bad joke?
    Aldo Hoeben    Oct 2, 06:47 AM    #

  2. as a photographer yes, as a photoblogger maybe not, in any case not like this.
    mickael    Oct 2, 09:56 AM    #

  3. Everyone on the beach was frozen watching the ominous helicopter, hoping for the best. The combination of QTVR and sound magically brings the action to life….wonderful work
    Siamack    Oct 6, 10:56 AM    #

  4. This work is phenominal
    — Rt.Rev Dr Aaron R. Orr    Nov 8, 05:49 PM    #

  5. Wow, this brings back memories, I particularly like the advertisement you stuck on the back of my t-shirt ! Indeed, it is powerful stuff – even for someone who was there on the day – I remember how we all swept the sea with our eyes for two hours and how that helicopter began to give me a bad headache ! A St-Idesbald beer helped wash that away.
    Alasdair    Dec 10, 03:05 PM    #

  6. Can you tell me if this is in Belgium or Holland ? I used to be a SAR-member in Belgium and the Sikorsky (SeaKing) heli looks very simmilar.
    — GiGi    Jan 5, 01:14 PM    #

  7. Crikey, Adele looks scared !!

    — JM    Aug 4, 08:40 AM    #