360 ducks

2 July 2005, 13:14 genre:    by mickael

fishing for panoramas for the wwp

6^th^ edition of the wwp with Water as a theme. I joined with mixed feelings this time until this scene came into my life and somehow summed up my mood for the event with the 360° water loop, the abundance and luxury that water brings where I live, children and their wonderful belief and trust in our future, fun splashes some don’t have. But I can’t refrain myself from a good laugh at anything, enjoying the present when I can.

Oh, and the ducking turtle yes that’s me.

qtvr sizes    [FULLSCREEN]    [SMALL]    in a popup window Peche aux canards

la pêche aux panoramas pour le wwp

6^ème^ édition du World Wide Panorama avec pour thème L’Eau. Je me joins au concert ronronnant des panoramistes avec des sentiments mitigés, me disant que l’exercice reste bon à  pratiquer et puis cette scène a surgi dans ma vie résumant assez bien mon humeur avec cette boucle d’eau à  360°, les excès et le luxe que l’eau nous procure, la croyance infantile que nous entretenons d’un bonheur éternel, des ploufs que d’autres n’ont pas. Il vaut mieux en rire tant qu‘à  faire.

J’allais l’oublier, la tortue planquée c’est bien moi.


  1. Mickael,
    I enjoyed your 360 ducks panorama! How exactly did you shoot this? It looks like you might have used a tripod on the framework around the ducks…

    Nicely done!
    Larry Lohrman    Jul 7, 04:05 PM    #

  2. First the pictures are very nice. And what to say for the 360° effect? It’s absolutely great.
    Many compliments
    Roberto    Jul 21, 04:41 AM    #

  3. Is that you “ducking and covering!”
    — KenG    Aug 9, 08:57 AM    #

  4. that’s me, the Bert of a minute
    — mickael    Aug 18, 07:31 PM    #

  5. Our theory is that mickael suspended a 360’ camera and filled in the blind spot using a normal image. We are eager to learn how you actually did it- send the method via e-mail (Our little secret eh?)
    P.S Excellent work man

    Jake and Dave
    College photography students.
    — Jake & Dave    Oct 6, 03:28 AM    #

  6. Formidable!

    I love your 360 work Mickael, very impressive. Keep them coming!
    Stewart Johnson    Oct 13, 09:13 AM    #

  7. !!!Incredible nadir solution!!! It is strong inspiration in my job.

    — Ricardo M. (Spain/Argentina)    Mar 2, 11:14 PM    #

  8. Hello

    i love the photo, it is absolutely stunning and funny. The music gives it a great atmosphere. Would you let me know how did you do it? I just started with pano. Got my tools, now I need to know the technique. Thanks in advance

    You are in my favorites (Y)

    mike    Dec 7, 04:07 PM    #