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7 margot

12 June 2005, 14:54 genre:     in 360

7 Margot7 Margot or how too much work affects your focus

7 Margot, ou des effets du surmenage sur la vue

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Santa Claus the impostor

13 December 2004, 14:54 genre:     in 360

Saint Nicolas de Margot

Santa Claus is an impostor in fact he really is Saint Nicolas or Sinter Klaas, we still celebrate him here early December,
all benefits to kids they get both the original and the copy thanks to immigration and coca cola!

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apples and a carrot

4 October 2004, 16:46 genre:     in 360

margot's carrot
fun with clones while gathering the apples, Margot also found us a carrot

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invaders' strands

13 August 2004, 06:16 genre:     in 360

Thornwick bay
at the beach landings around Flamborough, 2 qtvr with pebbles, wave splashes and laughter

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lancelot's castle

3 August 2004, 16:54 genre:     in 360

bamburgh castle

back from england, here are the first in a serie of holiday pics, expect more in the next weeks as I stitch these, some will even benefit from local sound takes

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