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20 May 2006, 11:28 genre:     in blognoise

Piroton Houben (PHinc) en concert
concert au village…

village concert bootleg…

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The War to end all Wars

18 November 2004, 14:35 genre:     in 1111

A collaborative vr project, 11 participants from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Slovenia and the US for 23 QTVR panoramas around 11/11 remembrance
Austrian cemetery Ljubljana
It was time for war to come and resurrect in France the sense of ideal and divine“.
Général Rebillot, Libre Parole, 13 Dec. 1914.

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conversation [blog-guest]

3 November 2004, 14:26 genre:     in blognoise

Gilles and José on a not at all virtual tour to Brussels, table top vr panorama and a night shot qtvr of the grand place

Gilles et José en visite pas virtuelle à  Bruxelles, un pano “dessus-la-table” et un autre de la grand place

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